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Man Law #11 – She needs a MAN, not a MAT

August 25, 2009 4 comments

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Don't be her doormat Gentleman...she'll be happy to walk all over you...

Don't be her doormat Gentleman...she'll be happy to walk all over you...

Women don’t respect a man they can walk all over – “When She Calls, You Come.” You are not winning points by stopping what you are doing to pick her up. For instance, Dave gets a call from Helen who has asked him to pick her up. Instead of going to play soccer with his buddies, Dave CANCELS going to play soccer to pick up Helen and drive her to go shopping. After reading Man Law all the way through, you should NEVER allow this to happen to yourself or any friends of yours… It’s inevitable that she will test you in the course of a relationship and she is probably going to win a few of these battles, but stand your ground at least 95% of the time (don’t worry, this will decrease) and man-up… It should also be stated that this does not mean flatly saying “NO” to anything she ask of you…of course not…what Man Law #11 is saying is that if you had plans, keep your plans or if you must make modifications to what you had intended, make sure it is a compromise…Instead of Dave immediately leaving his buddies hanging, he could say…”Hey Helen, I’m going to play soccer with my buddies first, and I’ll call you after I’m done to see if you still want to hang out…”

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