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Here you will find articles that push the envelope over commonly held beliefs. Be sure to check them out. If you have a suggestion, be sure to send the article to OR feel free to leave a comment on this page with the link below.

Unbreakable Musings of Bishop (Unclassified):

The Top 5 Unbreakable Man Laws of 2010:

On Marriage

Does Marriage Still Matter?


“…many who have married in the past two generations (at least) have relied on the knowledge that divorce is an option if things don’t work out.”

I Do, Too

Link: http://

“In the year 2010, anyone who denies that marriage has become impractical probably hasn’t paid much attention to the numbers.”

‘I Don’t’


“Having donned our share of bridesmaid’s dresses, and toasted dozens of nuptials, we’ll take reason over romance. Happily ever after doesn’t have to include “I do.”

The End of Marriage


“if the institution of marriage is going to survive, it does need defending. Not because marriage is the only or best source of truly moral living, but precisely the opposite: marriage is increasingly irrelevant in modern society.”

How a DIY Project Almost Destroyed My Marriage


“But when it comes to home improvement, that trust disappears instantly, because we both know that neither of us has any clue what we’re talking about.”

A challenge to the idea that marriage and fidelity are “normal.”


And yet, despite repeated assurances that women aren’t particularly sexual creatures, in cultures around the world men have gone to extraordinary lengths to control female libido

How I Knew I Wanted to Marry Her


“it’s usually a small act or fleeting moment that makes them want to go the distance”

Marriage Without A Map


To share a bed with my husband, I’ve had to give up something I love, and I want it back. I’ve decided that for at least part of the time, I’m going to sleep somewhere else.

On Monogamy

Mate debate: Is monogamy realistic?


“In the age of hookups, friends with benefits and online dating, and as human life expectancy grows, is it still reasonable to expect people to pair up and stay monogamous until death do them part?”

The Case Against Monogamy


“And people—by nature—are not monogamous. Which makes the whole argument that “he married a supermodel, so why would he need to cheat?” just plum aggravating…studies show that one in three men and one in four women will cheat on their partners at some point in their life”

Is straight monogamy the sexual ‘ideal’?


“lifelong, heterosexual monogamy remains the marriage “ideal” because it offers “an organic connection between human generations.” Does the “potential fruit” of a heterosexual marriage really make it superior to a monogamous gay relationship?”

Monogamy: are we – can we be – monogamous?


“Brief sexual dalliances do indeed occur in nearly all socially monogamous animals like the grey wolf…who nevertheless prefer to mate and bond with one partner at a time.”

On Dating

Here’s why you’re still single!

“To be a successful dater, you need to deactivate your give-a-s**t. So what if you make a fool of yourself?”

How to Romance a Dude

“for every gauzy high school fantasy we embark on, there always seems to be a back end that no one ever warned us about”

Why You’ll Never Find Real Love Online

“now the industry is so competitive that it’s more about what sites claim they can do than what us eggheads could actually do for people.”

The #1 Good Girlfriend Habit to Break

research reveals that giving a man too much support can hurt more than it helps.

On Sex

Gentlemen, Let’s Welcome Vibrators Into Partner Sex

“They just get the job done more efficiently…while adding pleasure and spice.”

An Epidemic of “Sex Addiction”?

“The concept is superficial…It presents no healthy model of non-monogamy, pornography use, or stuff like S/M”

Love, pleasure, duty: Why women have sex

“their sexual experiences provided the soaring height of euphoria and made them feel alive and vibrant.”

Is Cyberporn Coming Between You?

“Think it’s an all-male bastion? Consider this. In  2003, 30 percent of porn surfers were women, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.”

Sex Is Stressful, But Good For You

“The “hedonic value” of the experience more than outweighs the temporary surge in corticosterone levels, at least in rats.”

Sex Drive: How Do Men and Women Compare?

“The sources of women’s libidos, by contrast, are much more difficult to pin down…What turns women on? Not even women always seem to know. ”

Struggling with Sex Addiction

“I wake up every day, and I go boy hunting to get a hit of the guy”

Scientist Discover Men’s Sexiest Dance Moves

“Men all over the world will be interested to know what moves they can throw to attract women.”

On Gender Roles and Expectations

The Platonic Friendship Debate

“Men will openly acknowledge that they lack the self-control to maintain platonic friendships with women — especially attractive women.”

Can Men and Women Be ‘Just Friends’ As Adults?

“The Boy BFF…The Bottom Line: This is someone who, even if he delivered you breakfast in bed, in the buff, you wouldn’t see in a sexual way.”

He Says, She Says: Handling the “Fat” Question, Your Spouse’s Relatives, and Friendship Woes

“When she asks, “Does this ______ make me look fat?” your answer is no! In fact, the answer to any question with the word fat in it is no. Do not ask me to explain. Do not ask me to justify.”

The Platonic Friendship Project

researching male-female friendships for a project I’m writing for Slate. I’ll be looking into the history of such friendships, the science of why such relationships might form and of how they work, and the depiction of male-female friendship in our popular culture.

Man Up

What if men everywhere had to conform to beauty standards set by women?

Why I Don’t Want a Baby

“it [parenthood] also gives them a sense of entitlement that can lead to some profoundly uncivilized behavior — as anyone who has ever been thrown off the pavement by a stampede of unapologetic Bugaboo-pushing mothers would agree.”

Is Being Childfree By Choice Selfish?

“as if the desire to remain childless is a disease that might be catching”


The 7 Worst Things You Can Say to a Guy

It’s ridiculous, I know, but we like to think we’re tough (true story: An ex told me her friend, a mixed martial artist, could kick my a** — my response: “not at Jeopardy.”)

The New Asexual Movement

“She calls herself a “bi-romantic asexual,” meaning she develops crushes — on men and women — but doesn’t have sex. And she’s fine with that.”

MWF Seeking BFF

“friend-making is not the natural process it was back when we made friends in the sandbox,…As it turns out, I’ve completely forgotten how to do it.”

When It’s Time to Tame a Flirty Friend

“Lara’s moves landed her a college boyfriend, a few flings, and her husband, Ken. And none of them mattered to me—until she started using them on my husband”

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