Man Laws

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Below are a  listing of all previously published Man Laws. Read at your own discretion:

Man Law #88 – Real Fights Have No Soundtrack

Man Law #87 – Five Days Together is Two Days Too Many

Man Law #86 – Kiss Her Like You Mean It

Man Law #85 – “Inside Every Woman Is The Little Princess Waiting To Jump out!” 

Man Law #84 – “Picking Up Women Is Not A Hobby – Find One.”

Man Law #83 – Build As You Go.

Man Law #82 – Fortune Favors The Bold!

Man Law #81 – “If You Allow Her To Waste Your Time, Don’t Be Surprised If She Takes You For Granted!”

Man Law #80 – Integrity. Integrity. Integrity.

Man Law #79 – Anything You Say Can and WILL Be Used Against You…

Man Law #78 – “Love rarely calls on us at a time of our choosing…”

Man Law #77 – Never Cross The Streams!

Man Law #76 – Kiss First! Ask Questions Later.

Man Law #75 – Sweet Lips Always Deliver The Poison

Man Law #74 – O.K. to WANT Sex, Not to EXPECT it!

Man Law #73 – Execute Rule #2 – The Double Tap!

Man Law #72 – Detach from the Outcome: “If at first you don’t succeed, try someone else!”

Man Law #71 – Embrace Rejection!

Man Law #70 – Women Want a Wedding, Not A Marriage!

Man Law #69 – There is only one direction – FORWARD!

Man Law #68 – If you don’t see the door, Build it!

Man Law #67 – Acknowledge and Reflect.

Man Law #66 – Build “Social Insurance!”

Man Law #65 – Stay Focused, Maintain “Grim Determination!”

Man Law #64 – Master the Zen Approach. Be Like Water.

Man Law #63 – Be “Of The World”

Man Law #62 – Institute “Always-Already”

Man Law #61 – Semper Momentus Maximus!

Man Law #60 – Cultivate Insatiable Curiosity!

Man Law #59 – Never Slavishly Follow Accepted Wisdom!

Man Law #58 – A.B.D.S.E. – Always Be Doing Something Else.

Man Law #57 – Compliment Her, Not the Genetics!

Man Law #56 – Understand Female Psyche 101 – A Million Reasons Why She Won’t Sleep with You; A Million Reasons Why She Just Did…

Man Law #55 – Guard Against H1M1 Syndrome…

Man Law #54 – Be The Mayor

Man Law #53 – Make The Executive Decision

Man Law #52 – Maintain a Cabinet

Man Law #51 – Negotiate a Relationship like you Negotiate a Salary, State your Boundaries and Never Settle for Less than You’re Worth.

Man Law #50 – If you’re going to walk, Walk With Purpose…

Man Law #49 – Electrify Thy Woman. Maintain Constant Tension.

Man Law #48 – Women View Men Like Vegetables at Whole Foods, They Want them Fresh and Get Rid of them after they Expire…

Man Law #47 – Every Woman Secretly Wants To Be Seduced, What she doesn’t want is for YOU to know that you are doing it!

Man Law #46 – Women are like the Police – They don’t know what you did, but they know you did something…

Man Law #45 – Float like a Butterfly…Sting Like a Bee. Know when to Act Decisively.

Man Law #44 – ‘Man Talk’ – Disagree without being Disagreeable.

Man Law #43 – When dating a new woman, Take it one day at a time. NEVER plan a date more time in advance than the length you have already been dating.

Man Law #42 – Understand Arrogant Cockiness vs Unbreakable Confidence!

Man Law #41 – Initiate the Approach; Initiate the Departure.

Man Law #40 – Maintain the Edge through constant spontaneity. Women are ALWAYS looking for a reason to disqualify YOU as a potential partner.

Man Law #39 – ‘Man Talk’ – Utilize Situational Openers. Observe your Surroundings.

Man Law #38 – ‘Man Talk’ – Cherry-Pick the Conversation.

Man Law #37 – Thou Shalt Not Layeth With Thy Intern

Man Law #36 – “Man Talk” – When you first start dating a new women, KEEP PAST RELATIONSHIPS in the PAST.

Man Law #35 – A Woman Practices Selective Forgetfulness…

Man Law #34 – “Man Talk” – If she states that women are SIMPLE and NOT COMPLICATED…she is either a)not a real women or b) has no clue what she is talking about and what is really going on in the minds of men.

Man Law #33 – Thou Shalt Not Be Tamed by Thy Woman…Keep your Houdini skills sharp…

Man Law #32 – Enter The Wingman. Your first line of defense against both the male and female cockblock.

Man Law #31 – Match the ratio of the target female group to the men in your group.

Man Law #30 – Develop your OWN Man Laws.

Man Law #29 – If a woman is difficult at the beginning, chances are she’s not going to get any better. Be able to say “NEXT” and move on!


Man Law #27 – The Victorian Principle – Nothing makes a woman happier than telling you “YOU’RE WRONG” and that “I’m Different”…

Man Law #26 – STFU and Let Her Talk…

Man Law#25 – Right from the start, the man needs to set an upbeat pace to the conversation. He needs to be ON.

Man Law #24 – Understand and be comfortable with the fact that not everyone is going to like you.

Man Law #23 – Cultivate a sense of humor.

Man Law #22 – Whether the relationship works out or not, you should strive to leave it on good terms with no one getting hurt

Man Law #21 – Maintain The Mystery…


Man Law #19 – Just because she adds you on Facebook (after you sent her the request), does not mean shes going to sleep with you…

Man Law #18 – Have a @#%)(*#$^)(* PLAN.

Man Law #17 – Beware the Double Standards in dating. A man who goes on two dates with two different women in the same week is considered a player. A women can date as many men as she’d like and be ruled as simply considering her options…

Man Law #16 – Have a PLAN.

Man Law #15 – FUN and DIFFERENT should not only characterize you but your dating lifestyle as well.

Man Law #14 – “I LIKE you, but I don’t NEED you!”

Man Law #13 – Terminate with extreme prejudice women who believe that their very presence warrants an idol-like worship amongst potential male suitors.

Man Law #12 – Any Man Law can be broken at any time IF and only IF you have chosen for that woman to only be a friend.

Man Law #11 – She needs a MAN, not a MAT


Man Law #9 – Beautiful and Smart, the Eastern European woman, (Russian, Ukranian, Polish) are a deadly combination and only for the most advanced.

Man Law #8 – Call a Spade a Spade. Call a Flake a Flake.

Man Law #7 – A Woman Can NEVER be more than 10% of your life.

Man Law #6 – Sending FLOWERS is the Kiss of Death at the beginning of the courtship process.

Man Law #5 – A woman will do everything she can to resist your advance, and block your retreat.

Man Law #4 – If you are new to women, and you meet a woman from New Jersey – Turn around and run south AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

Man Law #3 – Few things worse can happen to a man than one-itis.

Man Law #2 – If she ask for your number, but won’t give you hers…chances are, she’s just NOT that into you…

Man Law #1 – If you’re dumb enough to pay for her drinks, she’s smart enough to take them!

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