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Man Law #61: Semper Momentus Maximus!

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If one thing is for certain, there is a definite quality to people who make things happen. Their movements are surrounded by motion and allure. They have the ability to make you want to join them in their journey.  On a personal level, these individuals have an ability to move with energy. Their presence electrifies and inspires the people around them.


You want to feel the energy flowing out of you. Think of this energy as you are in the middle of the hottest club in Miami and you are bringing the spirit to those around you. Lift people up!

Semper Momentus Maximus was certainly not used by any Romans that I’m aware of, however, I’d imagine, if it had been used, it would surely mean the following – Always with Great Momentum. As with all things in English, it sounds infinitely better in Latin.

Most people have experienced this infectious energy that floods into your pores like a cologne or perfume.  You feel this energy in your body and afterwards you are left in a noticeable glow. Many people have experienced this “glow”. It’s as if we have caught on fire and everything just “works”.

When you move with momentum, you are in the zone; you see relationships between things clearer; you solve problems faster, and when you are out speaking with people, it’s clear your game is ON. Before you go out, you want to bring the energy and act with motion.

The goal is not to be noticeably flamboyant and wanting of attention, people are drawn to you through your actions and your ability to pick their spirits up.  We tend to want to be around those who give off this energy as opposed to those who suck you dry. We all know these types – simply being around these individuals is a task.  Their self-absorption with their own problems brings everyone down. When in social settings, distance yourself from these individuals.

You need to keep the energy going in a positive direction and if the conversation seems like its dying, follow Man Law #41 Initiate the Approach, Initiate the Departure. Remove yourself from the situation and come back when the energy is back on an upward spin.

The way to get into this heightened state is to mentally psych yourself up. You can think of this as a personal pep rally or a pre-game tailgate where the goal is to enter the most positive state of mind possible.  It’s important to let the things that don’t matter simply slide.

When you have this momentum with you, you’ll find all things come easier and people will naturally be attracted to you.

  1. November 5, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Another great post Ethan– I’m sure we’ve all had those moments when we feel like we could do anything. The trick I don’t know is how you get in that state every time, and THEN how do you stay in it? I don’t have an answer, but I think it’s funny that most of the times that I’ve been in that perfect state happened to be when I was on vacation…

  2. DJ Long
    November 7, 2009 at 9:11 am

    This is great truth explained simply. And there is a way to stay in the “zone” in order to maintain the up-swing or wave of goodness occurring around you: Positive Thinking. In my line of work I oftne go into slightly “hostile” environments where people may not want to hear my message (well truly, what I’m “selling”). But i step into that room or on the stage, flash my smile, make confident eye contact, speak, act diliberately in my movements and show great interest in what I’m telling them. And around my office, my bosses come to me because of my typical “momentum.” I also tend to get what I “need” from others and co-workers because of all of this. They know that the job/task/event will happen with little to no issues. As I say at work “It’s what I do!”
    Because of my energy, which I learned long ago how to “turn on/up and then off/down,” I’ve been able to excite those around me and bring about that positive vibe. I’ll run into people days, weeks, months, even years later and they’ll remember our encounter.
    You may need to do that “personal pep rally” out of site or before you step out for the day/night and get your vibe going. But, once it does, as with all things phyics – a body in motion, tends to stay in motion. (Got love when you can apply physical sciences to relationship sciences) To maintain this “progressive movement,” you may have to be like an excited molecule and bounce off and away from those negative distractors so as to not slow you down or be such a force that halts your momentum all together.
    Great subject!!!

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