It’s a war out there Gentlemen and the Women are winning! For centuries, women have been gossiping, chatting, going to the bathroom in groups, comparing notes, having “Sex and the City” marathon parties, reading Cosmo, Seventeen (it all started in high school), and forming coalitions against us…

While we were playing with GI Joe and Transformers, video games  and sports, the women were on the side lines “plotting.” Curious as to how to get the boys’ attention,  women gradually learned how to get what they wanted…their shorts got shorter, their shirts got tighter, make up and highlights would start to send the boys into trances…

Finally, in high school, the boys started to wise up…they began to realize that their was a strong correlation between the popular boys and the attractive girls…the captain of the football team and the head cheerleader…many men figured out what they needed to do, HOWEVER, many did not…

Enter MAN LAW.

The women are winning...and they have a plan! (Picture Courtesy of: http://www.xeniyaketz.com)

Man Law contains the ammo you need to go out into the hazardous battlefield known as the dating world. There are way more women out there than men and they have had the competitive advantage on us for far too long…until now…

Man Law is intended to be a humorous exposition on women and the beginnings of the dating experience (i.e. pre-official relationship, engagement or marriage). Many of these rules change once an official relationship has begun. Let me say this again, MANY OF THESE RULES CHANGE ONCE YOU ARE BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. However, at the beginning of the relationship, you need to exhibit the characteristics of a man that she will continue to find attractive.

Anyone can COMMENT on Man Law anonymously and post their thoughts. Women are invited and encouraged to share their opinion. However, I ask that if you do disagree tell us WHY you feel that way…What is it about what’s been said in the Man Law that you disagree with?

The goal of the Unbreakable Man Laws is to provide a way for men and women to learn from each other. Often, this only happens after we get past the hard exterior that society tells us we need to have, and we get to the root of the individual and understand his or her motivations…

Enough philosophy…

If you’ve missed the previous Man Laws and want to get in on the action, navigate to our “Man Laws” tab, or just click here.

If you are here for the gladiator arena type discussions that take place on The Unbreakable Man Laws fan page, be sure to read The Code of Bishop – 7 Rules of Debate first! Its safer if you do!

More Man Laws to come in the future. The party is just getting started….For Man Law Topic suggestions, or general comments,  I can be reached at ethanbishop@unbreakablemanlaws.com.

Let the Games Begin!

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