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Man Theory – n – \ mənˈthē-ə-rē, ˈthir-ē\- a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain social phenomena. In this instance, Male-Female Relationships or Interactions.

While a Man Law provides a way of living, a method of action; a Man Theory, provides the reasoning or an explanation for that action.  These will tend to be longer and in more detail. Many of these will use real phenomenon studied in the social realm. When applicable, these theories will include references to Scientific Journals and other supporting studies.  We know the Ladies are always questioning where we get our information and you simply can’t argue with cold, hard science…Man On…

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"I need you to study this..."

"I need you to study this...The exam will be essay and the score will be Me."

The Art of Text Series – A group of theories surrounding and supporting the Text Message as a legitimate way of communicating with a potential partner in the 21st Century.

  1. The Art of Text, Part I
  2. The Art of Text, Part II – The Rise of the Textual Revolution

Red Flags From Last Night Series: Here are the most common Red Flags that women commented on when asked what their turn offs were….

1. Red Flags From Last Night, Part I.

2. Red Flags From Last Night, Red Flags Candidate Evaluation Form

Theory of Opportunity Cost and the Mythical Male “Fear” of Commitment – This theory explains some false accusations by women that men are afraid to commit. This theory will hold up in court if need be.

Master the Culinary Seductive Arts – The World’s First Natural Aphrodesiac – This theory explains why cooking is basic to human nature and why this is a skill ALL men should know how to do.

The Dating Paradigm Shift – How we look at dating affects the type of relationships we have. See why its important to escape the traditional “dating” rules that society has imposed on us.

Dating in the Information Age – Never before have we had so many technologies as we do now.  From Text to Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and BBM, how has dating changed since all of these technologies have been introduced? Find out in this Man Theory.

The Relationship Event Horizon Theory – All of us have an uncanny ability to give advice to others yet are unable to take our own advice. The phrase “easier said than done” rings true in this case. This Man Theory explains why that might just be the case!

The Feminine Rage and The Waning Hose Theory

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