Guest Authors

Guest Authors on The Unbreakable Man Laws

“Ladies: You Can Approach Me When I’m Single Too” (3/10/2012) by Michael “Leonidas” Childress

“In Defense of Marriage” (2/14/2012) by Max Cooper of The Art of Marriage

“An Open Letter from ‘Miss Solomon’(5/14/2011) by Miss Solomon of The Dating Truth

“Ladies – Feed Me, F*ck Me, Shut the F*ck Up” (3/28/2011) by Michael “Leonidas” Childress

Estrogen Corrupts (10/25/2010) by Michael “Leonidas” Childress

“A Fish Called Trinie: Why Evolutionary Psychology Tells Us That Wingwomen Work Better Than Wingmen” [PDF](10/11/2010) by Pete Waters of

“Wingman VS Wingwomen: 3 Good Reasons Why You Should Stick To The Original” (9/27/2010) by Alex Scott

Wingwomen: The New, Improved Wingmen” (9/20/2010) by Trinie Le Blanc (Contact:

I Want Your Confi-de Le Blanc” (5/4/2010) by Trinie Le Blanc

I, Reptile” [PDF] (4/26/2010) by Pete Waters of

Confessions of a Female Professional Dater ” (3/21/2010) by V

Valentine’s Day Special from Flirtexting Authors” (2/14/2010) by Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewitz of

We Are All just Cro-Magnons with iPods” (2/10/2010) by Pete Waters of

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