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Guest Authors: Valentine’s Day Special from Flirtexting Author’s Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz.

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The previous blog interviews featuring Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz, the girls who wrote Flirtexting, have consistently been amongst the most popular post on the blog! For Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a great idea to bring them back for a Special Unbreakable Guest Post! They asked all of their hot girlfriends to tell them what they love about Flirtexting, and here’s what they said…

(Be sure to enter the Flirtexting Valentine’s Day Special on their blog to win a Free Autographed Copy of Flirtexting! Follow the girls on Twitter (@Flirtexting),and check out the Facebook Fan Site, Flirtexting.Debra and Olivia will be speaking on MTV tonight @9pm EST on the Dangers of Sexting!)


Be sure to check out their book, Flirtexting!

“I love it when a guy texts me a funny quote from a movie we watched together the night before.” – Vanessa

“I love a simple goodmorning text just to let me know you’re thinking about me. “Goodmorning sleepyhead” is all it takes to keep me smiling throughout the day.” – Jessica

“I love when a guy brings back a joke or debate from a date a day or two later. For instance: Say we had a playful debate on what constitutes a fast food restaurant. The next day he sends me a text that says:”FYI: ‘insert definition of fast food’ – Websters doesn’t lie, sounds like you owe me lunch!” – Natalie, 25

“I love when a guy makes a definitive plan to get together – posed in a charming way, ie: “You and me, Raoul’s 9:30 tonight.  Say yes?”- Chloe, 24

“My favorite texts are the ones I get from a boy I just parted ways with that say something complimentary to let me know I’m still on their mind: “Did I mention how sexy you looked today?  Good to see you pretty girl”- Janet, 19

“I love it when a guy texts me out of the blue, just to tell me he is thinking of me or he went somewhere and something he saw or heard, etc., reminded him of me.  Or that he’s missing my smile.  Cheesy yes…but makes me feel good.” –Stefani, 33

“I like it when a boy makes fun of me via text – but is genuinely kidding. ” –Candice, 27

“Things I love is texting a witty joke right after my date drops me off or leaves my casa…it lets me know he had an amazing time and is still thinking of me.” –Rene, 26

“I LOVE when boys text you a compliment….like…”You looked so pretty last night…” or “I had so much fun with you yesterday”….it lets you know that they are sitting at their desks at work….DREAMING of you!” – Courtney, 26

“I love receiving texts hinting to inside moments shared together; it makes me feel special.” – Nisha, 24

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