Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is Ethan Bishop?

Answer: Not content with the current relationship status quo and nonsense perpetuated by Hollywood and Chick Flicks, Ethan Bishop went out to set the record straight – “It’s a War Out There, Gentlemen, And The Women Are Winning!” The Unbreakable Man Laws leapt into existence like a caged hyena escaping from captivity with Ethan Bishop at the helm as the Founder and President. His actual self-anointed title is much too long to fit into one bio, however, feel free to contact him directly if you are curious.

Question: If you are such an expert with women, how come you are still single? (Most Frequently question-mark1aAsked Question From Women)

Answer: First, Define “Single”. Contrary to popular feminine belief, the goal of every man is not to get married.  Even though most women have been planning their wedding day since elementary school, men were perfectly happy with the more immediate things in life such as “What’s for dinner”.  Eventually, I plan on walking down the aisle, but for now, I am perfectly happy being single with options. For the record, I am not claiming to be an expert with women or the next Dr. Phil.  Man Law’s original purpose was to be a humorous look at the dating world from the MAN’s perspective (hence the title) while interjecting true statements in between. Many of these Man Laws are extremely blunt and to the point and purposely exaggerated to add to the humor. Man Law is the result of much trial and error with women (mostly error).  You are more than welcome to disagree with what has been said.

Question: Where did this come from?

Answer: The Unbreakable Man Laws originated from “Status Updates”, that I posted on Facebook. With limited space to write, I wanted to make a statement that would be straight-forward and to the point.  This ruled out a lot of extraneous fluff that you most likely might hear coming from women.

Question: Who are these women that you are describing? This isn’t something that I would do!

Answer:  In most instances, the term “women” is a generalization used to describe MANY women who share this particular characteristic. Even if that instance does not describe YOU specifically, it does not mean that there are other women, many women, who this does describe…

Question: Did you write all of these post?

Answer: Many of these ideas have been stated in one form or another for decades.  My goal with Man Law was to recount MY experience with women and using these ideas, write a law that I could live by and follow. Some of these Man Law ideas are indeed from books and other sources on the internet.  While I have written each and every one of these Man Laws, I had to learn many of these from other sources before I found them to be correct.  Some of the laws are from my own personal experience, some are from the experience of others that I know, but all of them I have found at one point or another to be true. This does not mean that they are right, not every women is the same and I am sure she will tell you that she is “different” than the rest in a heartbeat. However, you need to know what does NOT work so you do not waste your time. The clock is ticking gentleman and if you don’t win these women over with your tactics, someone else will…

Question: Some of these “Laws” do not seem like Laws at all…What Gives?

Answer: The term Man Law for these blog post  is actually a misnomer. The “working” title of these post were originally “Man Lessons” because they were to be seen and read as “Lessons Learned From Real Experience”.  However, it dawned on me that men generally do not like to think that they are being “instructed” on something which would indicate that they don’t know how to do something – Man Law is catchier and easier to remember, and thus the change. With Man Law, my goal is to illustrate what does NOT work with women and while they do not all come in the form of The Ten Commandments, there are lessons and points that can be learned from each one…

Question: I have a great idea/topic for a Man Law? Who do I send this to?

Answer: Send any comments, suggestions to: EthanBishop@UnbreakableManLaws.com.
. While  there is no guarantee that your suggestion will become a Man Law, I may incorporate aspects of your question into a future Man Law. My goal with the Unbreakable Man Laws is to create a blog that provokes stimulating discussions between the sexes.

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