The One and Only, Olivia Baniusciewitz

Debra Goldstein

The Lovely Flirtexter, Debra Goldstein

Interview with the Flirtexter: Debra explains Flirtexting 101 (October 28, 2009) – Read up on Debra Goldstein and hear her talk about Flirtexting and what guys should do when constructing their best possible text!

The Flirtexter Olivia: An Exclusive Interview with Flirtexting Author, Olivia Baniuscewitz (December 21, 2009) Hear Olivia talk about How Technology has Changed the way we date in this exclusive interview!



The creative musical genius, Sleepthief

Enter Thy Sleepthief: An Exclusive Interview with Justin Elswick (November 15, 2009) – Sleepthief releases music that should be part of every guys/gals music collection. Perfect for those intimate moments. Check out this interview with oneof my favorite musicians.

Robert Greene

The National Best-Selling Mastermind behind the classics "The 48 Laws of Power", "The Art of Seduction", "The 33 Strategies of War", and his latest "The 50th Law"

All Glory is Fleeting: An Exclusive Interview with 48 Laws of Power and 50th Law Author, Robert Greene (November 29, 2009) – Check out this much anticipated interview with my favorite living author. In this interview, Robert goes into detail about his recently released book The 50th Law.

Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger, Host of Pickup Podcast, Game On, and one of the founders of "The Art of Charm"

The Art of Charm: An Exclusive Interview with The Art of Charm and Pickup Podcast Host, Jordan Harbinger (January 18/2010) – Check out this interview with Jordan Harbinger where he answers question from fans of “The Unbreakable Man Laws.”

Whitney M. Cole

The Unbreakable Whitney M. Cole!

There’s No Rest Day in Sparta: An Interview with Personal Trainer, Whitney M. Cole (2/22/2010) – In this interview, we dive in a different direction as we move to weight lifting, training, and living a healthy lifestyle to improve our relationships and general well-being. Enjoy!

Julie Spira

Exclusive Interview with the Cyber-Dating Expert, Julie Spira!

Up Close and Personal with Cyber-Dating Expert, Julie Spira (5/16/2010) – In this interview, we chat with Cyber-Dating Expert, Julie Spira. Hear what she has to say about finding success with online dating sites such as and eHarmony!

Vanessa Woods

Duke Researcher and Bonobo Expert, Vanessa Woods!

Handshaking like a Bonobo: An Exclusive Interview with Vanessa Woods (5/23/2010) – In this interview, we speak with Vanessa Woods, a Duke Researcher who spent the last few years studying the relationships of one of our closest relatives, the Bonobo. See how this species maintain a peaceful society through sex and female domination.


The Sophisticated and Riveting, Lucia.

We Keep Getting Older, They Stay The Same Age: An Exclusive Interview with Cougar Expert, Lucia. (10/17/2010) – In this interview, we speak with Lucia, an relationship and dating expert who focuses on Cougar Dating. This has been a frequently asked topic on the blog! Hail to the Cougar!

Christopher Ryan, Ph.D

The ingenious mind behind an ingenious text, Christopher Ryan of "Sex at Dawn"

Ask Christopher Ryan, Ph.D: “Is Monogamy Natural?” An interview with “Sex at Dawn” Author (11/29/2010)In this interview, we speak with Christopher Ryan, Ph.D, the author of “Sex at Dawn.” In this interview we briefly talk about a few of the incredibly fascinating topics found in this novel that is surely the Charles Darwin of the 21st Century. Do you DARE read what is contained?

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