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Man Law #49 – Electrify Thy Woman. Maintain Constant Tension.

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You always want to be sharply between the two polarities and never get too comfortable in the middle.  Once you have been neutralized, you are in the Friend Zone.  A woman is striving to harmonize with you.  While she will beyond a doubt, create unnecessary drama in your life (and hers), her underlying world view is one of peace and harmony.  The kicker is that she is not attracted to this world that she strives to create.

Your Presence Needs to Electrify Her. She needs to be turned on by you. Familiary breeds contempt! Maintain the tension!

Your Presence Needs to Electrify Her. She needs to be turned on by you. Familiarity breeds contempt! Maintain the tension!

While it might be one of luxury and leisure, her attraction buttons are naturally pushed by those that create dis-balance. That which disrupts and charges the atmosphere…That which “electrifies” her… Its her inability to understand a man’s behavior that is most attractive. Women LOVE to read how men think because it is so very different from hers… She might be attracted to someone who shares some commonalities at first – same home town, majored in the same subject, but the relationship that thrives is the man who loves the Yankees and the woman who loves the Red Sox.  You might think she would like you better for abandoning your home team, but she will LOSE interest.
It’s baffling to a woman why a man would choose to live without flowers, nice smells, and things pleasing to the touch.  It’s equally baffling to men, how he can walk into her place and not be allowed to use certain towels or sit on certain chairs because they are “for “show only.” To a man, this makes no sense. It’s almost as if buying food to look at, and not to eat. After all, who buys a big screen television, and doesn’t watch it? Everything in a Man’s home, needs to serve a purpose.

By creating constant tension in the relationship, and by tension, we are referring to sexual tension, flirtation, playful arguments, you are keeping the interaction, alive, and energetic.  Once the two of you get bored and either of you get used to routine, you will experience “dead energy.” Ultimately, “dead energy” is a relationship that has fallen victim to familiarity. The two of you seek out each others company because you no longer hang out with the same friends you used to or do the same things you did before the relationship.  Unless you consistently introduce new things, the relationship will become a victim of its own success…

Gentlemen, when you are on a date or out with your girlfriend you want to think of yourself like Indiana Jones traveling through the vicious jungle. Its your job to lead the interaction, jump into new experiences confidently, and “save” her from harms way. Since the majority of the people reading this live semi-close to society and a jungle may be hard to find…consider going out in a new part of town, trying a new restaurant, playing tennis, going dancing,  plan something she will have to get dressed up for , eating something new…the point is, you need to constantly grow and TAKE RISK. It’s your strength, willingness to take chances, and yet remain un-phased which she finds most attractive… Even after you’ve been seeing her for a while, you need to continue to shock and surprise her…Maintain the tension…

  1. Anonymous
    March 8, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    Good point. I almost married a man who never stopped looking for new things for us to try, and he remains the best relationship I had, although with the hope to be surpassed soon! 🙂

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