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Man Law #43 – When dating a new woman, Take it one day at a time. NEVER plan a date more time in advance than the length you have already been dating.

September 9, 2009 3 comments

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Only plan a date in advance as LONG as you've known her. Don't plan the Honeymoon before you've been engaged...

If you just met the girl a week ago, do NOT plan to take her to that new show or comedy act coming to town four weeks in the future. TOO MUCH CAN HAPPEN. She can meet someone else, you can meet someone else. This shows too much interest on your part and the woman will view you as easily won for doing so little to get your attention. It can be hard to resist this urge especially if the two of you hit it off really early.  It’s been my experience that the faster things heat up, the faster they will cool down if you have not spent some time getting to know each other a bit.  Whether the two of you have already escalated into a physical relationship or not, do not get overly excited and start planning the names of your children and the locations of your wedding. She might think its funny at first, but to herself, she may very well be thinking “This guy barely knows me and he thinks I am this way, wait until he sees me without make up on or when I’m in one of my moods…then he’ll leave.” If things escalate quickly, you want to step back and spend some time doing the simpler things.

Only plan 1 or 2 weeks max in advance after meeting her...If you already know you want to take her thats great, wait a week or so before asking her to go...

Only plan 1 or 2 weeks max in advance after meeting her...If you already know you want to take her thats great, wait a week or so before asking her to go out with you...

Gentleman, we’ve all been there and I know I’ve been there plenty of times.  This used to happen a lot in college where you’d meet someone, things would heat up, you go out a few times, she tells you when her birthday is (…which is 4 months away) , and you tell her that you are going to buy her a new cell phone because the one she has now is out of style. SLOW DOWN. If you haven’t even known her for four weeks and you are planning to do something for her four months from now, you are moving way too fast.   This is a trap and an easy way to get into the “LETS JUST BE FRIENDS ZONE.” Play it safe the first few weeks and possibly months. Only plan 1-2 weeks in advance if the two of you are going out on dates.

Now, this applies only to one-on-one situations where you will be going out only with her. When it comes to a group setting or a party that is happening in the future, its better to elude to an event that you are hosting and then as it approaches, invite her to that event. If you have not lost interest, invite her to the event. A lot can happen in a short time, you might meet someone and so could she, so don’t get your hopes up.

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