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Man Law #60 – Cultivate Insatiable Curiosity!

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A man’s natural instinct is to stick with what works. Instead of taking chances in life, he will easily fall into a creature of habit.   It is for that reason that Man must consciously hunger for knowledge. As a vampire requires blood for survival, Man shall crave knowledge.  Your value in society is your ability to look at the exact same situation as everyone else and draw a unique conclusion.


Ponder Thy Flower. Look at everyday situations "anew".

Society has done a wonderful job of dulling and numbing your senses.  It’s goal is to make you forget your basic nature of survival and make you dependent on manufactured goods. A man who has forgotten how to ask questions, is a man who is easily controlled.

Ultimately your ability to differentiate yourself from your brother and sister will be that which will attract those around you.  You can grow this distinctive quality by thirsting for knowledge that you naturally find interesting.  If your interest is in music and the arts, feverishly seek every avenue which will help you learn them to mastery. If your interest is in math and physics, attend every lecture and study every book at your disposal.  Attend classes, read everything on the subject you can get your hands on, talk to masters in the field,  your sincerity in learning will remind those who you consult for advice why they love what they are doing…

Man’s best friend is the perfect example of how your thirst for knowledge should look like…When on a leash, you should strain to break free, strain to get out there and just…go.  Every walk, an adventure; Every leaf, a mystery; Every season, a gift.  Struggle to creatively look at normally “mundane” situations in a creative new light. Your ability to do this will prove fascinating to those around you…

There is a reason why after thousands of years of evolution, you have the ability to remain curious. Nature abhors excess and will do away with that which is unnecessary. We would not have this “curious” sense, if it had not proven integral to our survival.


This dog has the right idea! Leave no stone unturned in your quest for knowledge!

One powerful exercise that I saw in a book designed to help grow your cognitive abilities, suggest to formulate 100 questions in a single session.  It’s important to go all the way up to 100 because you’ll find that you will come to rough patches and start draw blanks.  When you do so, do not give up and embrace this feeling. Challenge yourself.  Seek to become one with it and move through it. Do not give up. Push through it.

The questions can range in every shape and size; from “What is the color red?” to  “What is the meaning of life?” to “Why does man walk upright”; From “Why did my girlfriend in 7th grade dump me” to “Why is she contacting me now and sending me pictures of her baby?”.   It’s important to understand you are not seeking the answers in this exercise. It’s the QUESTION that is most important. Cultivate an insatiable, unsatisfiable, thirst for knowledge.

  1. DJ Long
    November 2, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    I like this one. I often get teased by family, friends and co-workers because I typically have teh answer to almost every question asked of me on a host of subjects and matters. Often I just burst out with the response, which tends to be the correct answer every time. The response are either common-sensical or factual or a bit of both. I am and remain to act like an ever growing sponge (akin to those dinosaurs you would put in a glass of water to watch them expand) and when able to like to “squeeze a bit out” and share knowledge with those around me. I tell man of the future leaders of this world that I engage that they should always seek ways to “learn to fish and teach others, too, how to fish.” Also, I encourage them and all to be versed in a multitude of subjects or look to learn more so as to be better providers to conversations.
    I once dated adn had a number of friends that were Labor&Delivery nurses. During dinners and lunches or other times of social interaction they would eventually talk about their work. To be able to at least have an inkling of an idea of what they were talking about I took an online birthing course (and am now “certified” by the Navy to deliver a baby in an emergency situation). It paid off a bit so that i wasn’t just a body there but could understand and engage in the conversation and help me to ask better formulated and deeper questions about their work and to be included in the group. Not all may want to go that far, but it was my quest for understanding that drove me, and not my urge to impress.

  2. DJ Long
    November 2, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    Ethan – BTW, love the picture you chose for this one… hilarious!!!

  3. virginia
    November 4, 2009 at 10:05 am

    “A man who has forgotten how to ask questions, is a man who is easily controlled.”

    When I read this line I immediately thought of my high school days when my dad asked me 50 questions before I went to “spend the night” at a friend’s house. The day he stopped asking questions was the day I got away with everything. Serves as a good metaphor for good advice.

    Great line.

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