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Man Law #52 – Maintain a Cabinet

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Since the dawn of the United States of America, the elected President has always maintained a cabinet of Senior Elected Officials. These officials are experts in their field and give the President advice, differing perspective, arguments and a course of action.

You shall be no different.

This might look like a picture of President Kennedy after he was elected...its not, he was planning his marriage to Jackie...

This might look like a picture of President Kennedy after he was elected...its not, he was planning his marriage to Jackie...

Think of your cabinet as your group of personally elected Officials who represent expertise in a certain area that you might seek to grow in – be it finances, sports, women, career or a personal hobby.  Unlike the Cabinet shown in the picture, these positions can and should be filled with both males and females that you trust. These guys are in your corner and rooting for you. You respect and appreciate the opinions of the people in your cabinet and despite not always agreeing with them, you trust their insight.

President Kennedy is renowned for consulting his advisers in times of crisis. Regardless of your political affiliation, the idea of a Presidential Cabinet was recognized as a very smart thing to have.  In the movie, Thirteen Days, President Kennedy maintained close contact with his younger brother Robert Kennedy  (U.S. Attorney General) and Kenny O’Donnell (Special Assistant to the President) who he met with to discuss such issues as the Cuban Missile Crisis. We can only hope that pursuing the woman you met at the bar last week is not as serious,  however, planning a good second date with someone who might be your future wife – just may be!

Whilst taking in the opinion of your cabinet, you want to retain the ability to make the executive decision. You need to be aware that at first, if you are in an area where you are a complete amateur, you want to listen to those who have expertise. However, do not fall victim to blindly following and listening to every piece of advice they give. Maintain a critical eye.  They may not know all of the little pieces of information that you deemed unimportant yet might be essential to making a wise decision.

If we are not careful, the more confident we grow the less likely we are to ASK people for help, advice, assistance, etc.  This turns into cockiness which to both men and women is deathly in relationships. Both men and women are victims of acting too cocky or assuming that they should not have to seek out help or advice.  Men are notoriously known for doing this and this is a fault that could prove disastrous.  You always want to have a group of people who you trust, YET retain the ability to listen to your own inner voice and trust your instinct.

Many women expect you to act DECISIVELY when you deal with them…they find this characteristic in men to be extremely attractive.  While acting decisively will be discussed at a later time, many men need to be familiar with how a woman might present a situation where she expects YOU to make the decision. She won’t verbally tell you to decide, she’ll simply run down fifteen different options which will drive you insane since this behavior is baffling to most men…Maintain a Cabinet and retain the ability to make the Executive Decision…

  1. DJ Long
    September 30, 2009 at 10:19 am

    agree whole-heartedly with this law. i also feel it important to state that the panel of “experts/consultants” needn’t only be male friends. those long time female friends or sisters/cousins can provide a clear understanding of what the female may be thinking or scheming depending on the situation and certain otehr details. but, yes in all things act and remember that to “not act” is still action and the decision was made to do so…

    • September 30, 2009 at 12:29 pm

      Absolutely DJ Long…I’ll make that correction right now! Good catch.

  2. RAJA
    December 3, 2009 at 8:59 am

    made to see in right perspective….i will definitely maintain a cabinet.

  1. October 1, 2009 at 10:35 am

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