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Joshua Bernstein, a freelance writer in the New York Press, defined a cockblock as the following in this published article: :

We hope that the new administration brings a "No Cockblocking" Law to the floor of the Supreme Court...

We hope that the new administration brings a "No Cockblocking" Law to the floor of the Supreme Court...

cockblock [n] -( \ˈkäk – bläk\) – “a foul act in which someone interferes with another’s attempt at finding happiness inside someone’s pants.”

Cockblocks are shape shifters and come in all forms and sizes – male, female, black, white, dog, cat, republican and democrat. The most common cockblockers you will encounter are:

#1-The Female Cockblock-This women is an enemy to you. She knows who you want (not her) and will block your advance at all cost. A Wingman is your ally in this situation and he will need to run diversions within the group to keep the female cockblock’s attention on him and not on you. Dan Tolumbro wrote this article on dealing with the Female Cockblock.

#2-The Inadvertent Cockblock-This is a friend of yours who unknowingly talks to you or the girl while you flirt with her. In some cases these can be the worst types of cockblocks because a) you genuinely like this person but he/she has no clue that you are attempting to “close the deal” and b) The inadvertent cockblock might not know anyone at the venue and due to shyness might be sticking by you.  The best way to deal with this is to introduce the inadvertent cockblock to the woman you are speaking with…then “LEAVE”. Yes, that’s right, leave and go somewhere  else so he/she is left to talk with her. Come back a few minutes, or even many conversations later… This can send a subliminal signal to both people that they need to switch places. It’s almost like a form of musical chairs. Again, you must proceed cautiously with this form of cockblocking…

#3-The Conscious Cockblock-The worst kind of cockblock. A “friend” or stranger who consciously interrupts your flirtations with the girl…You need to separate her from this person as soon as possible. If there are games (pool/beer pong/cards) that the two of you can team up on,  tell her you want to play and that you need a partner.  These people are no fun to deal with and you may need to call in the reserves (i.e. Wingman) to deal with the intruder…

Cockblocking is such a prevalent issue in the dating world, I included links to more resources:

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