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Man Law #3 – Few things worse can happen to a man than one-itis.

August 8, 2009 2 comments

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What is one-itis you ask? It’s when you have fallen hard for one woman that usually has shown no reciprocal interest in you. You give explanations and rationals for her actions when in actuality she doesn’t like you or like you enough. There is no cure for one-itis except absolutely cutting yourself off from her. Intervention may be required. Possibly the most DANGEROUS aspect of one-itis is the fact that the man infected by this disease does not know he has it. It will often take more than one person to bring him out of his stupor before realizing that he has passed up MANY opportunities because he has been focused on just one woman who has not promised him or shown any interest back to him. If you see a fellow man with one-itis, it is YOUR MAN DUTY, to call him out.

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