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Man Law #6 – Sending FLOWERS is the Kiss of Death at the beginning of the courtship process.

August 11, 2009 8 comments

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Despite what you’ve seen in the movies of this tactic winning over the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad, it does NOT work in real life. In fact, everything you’ve seen in the movies regarding romance as a man you should disregard! Nothing turns a woman off faster than hearing your panzee ass tell her how you feel!


He was doing well until he gave her the flower...

Now, Flowers are perfectly alright and a GOOD IDEA once you have officially entered a relationship, however, PRIOR to this event happening, you need not think that flowers will get you anywhere and be prepared for quite the OPPOSITE reaction of what you intended in the first place. Exception: Women will tell you everywhere, that the “random” gift of flowers is much better than on a holiday such as valentine’s day…However, this should also be noted that only once you are in a relationship (i.e. she tells her friends that you are her boyfriend, and you tell your friends that she is your girlfriend) should the idea of flowers even be considered.

Addendum: If you have been caught by absolute love sickness, the only way to deliver flowers is in PERSON.

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