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Man Law #47 – Every Woman Secretly Wants To Be Seduced!

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…What she doesn’t want is for YOU to know that you are doing it!

True story…

Girl: “Have you ever read any of those Picking-Up Women books?”

She will always compare you with the storybook Prince she read about as a child...What she doesn't know is that Prince Charming was taking lessons from every player in the land...

She will always compare you with the storybook Prince she read about as a child...What she doesn't know is that Prince Charming was taking lessons from every player in the land...

Guy: “Why?”

Girl: “Oh…no reason…I’m just curious?!”

Guy (smirks): “Is it working?”

Girl (smirks back): “Yes….”

Any effort on your part which shows pre-planning prior to any sexual physicality in the relationship between the two of you, will most likely be judged by her as being manipulative. She might say “If the two of you are right for each other, than you shouldn’t have to do anything, it will just come naturally“…Gentlemen, this is WOMAN CODE for “I’m lazy.” Unfortunately, a man does not have that luxury of simply staying put and having women shower him with love and affection. He must DO something to win her over.

It’s been my experience that women want to be seduced…what they don’t want is for YOU to be consciously aware that you are seducing them.  In an age of gender equality, the role of the man is no longer as defined as it once was…No longer is simply having a job and a college education enough to land a woman.  She can now easily have everything that she needs to handle these things independent of whether a man is in her life or not.  Thus, it is now necessary for a man to hold the knowledge of what is attractive to women.  Some may call this “game”, others might call it survival. For if he does not learn this by the time of his death, his “dynasty” will come to an end.

If your game is tight (as they say) and she ask you:

Is a pool owner acting deceptively if he knows in advance that women love pools and hot tubs?

Water has a relaxing effect on people. When people are relaxed, they are more susceptible to seduction and influence...Did you really think people started going for "Walks on the Beach" purely by coincidence?

Cute Girl: “Have you read “The Game?”

Your answer and only answer should be:
You: “I am aware of its existence.”

Moving On.

It’s baffling to most men, including myself, why a woman can subject herself to hundreds of articles from Cosmo on how to pick up guys, yet scoff at any attempt by you to increase your ability to do better with women…case in point, less than a 10 minute search in Cosmo, revealed the following articles:

If you’ve taken a look at any of these links, you can see that none of them are outright malicious in nature.  The women asking these questions seem genuinely interested in understanding men and how we operate. Yet, the reverse simply is not true.  Gentlemen, next time your lady friend is over, print out a few of these articles and spruce them casually around your place. See how differently the tables will turn when you leave these articles out:

What’s your take, should either men or women be allowed to study how to pick up the opposite sex? Is it “wrong” to use tactics to pick up someone that you are interested in? Should everything simply come naturally?

  1. DJ Long
    September 16, 2009 at 7:02 am

    It’s never wrong to learn new approaches and to have new weapons in your arsenal of attraction… the military is forever evolving and adapting as the battlefield changes and morphs with each passing day. Knowing what tactics may work does not mean that they will work, you still need to be able to put into action those methods of seducation.
    besides, so many different aspects will attract different women. For some, dance moves and singing can make a girl weak. For others, cooking a meal (and not tater tots in the microwave) will get her to drop her guard (and much more potentially, putting those latter two articles to good use). As Sun Tzu stated, “we must know our enemy.”

  2. Capitanhaya
    October 7, 2009 at 10:55 am

    I agree with most things I’ve read so far on this blog except for the idea of having “How To” sexual articles laying around the house. As a woman, I’d be intrigued if you had some porn mags “accidentally” unhidden, but if I saw a How to Get Her to Give You a Blow Job guide, and especially “How to Take Things Sexual” I’d probably be turned off. Women like the idea that you already know. We don’t care if you studied up and read it in an article, but I doubt any woman really wants to see your research because we really don’t want you to blatantly see ours . We read Cosmo articles all the time, but I’m not going to leave an article on “How to Get Him to Eat Me Out” or “How to Give a Blow Job” guide on my coffee table either for when he comes over. It would be embarrassing for me to have you see that, so I assume if I saw you reading a man article of the same nature I would feel embarrassed for you. For me it’s a mutual understanding that we may both study up, but we don’t need to prove it by showing the other sex our sources.

    DJ Long: Agreed with the “we must know our enemy.” Well stated. I just think that the How To articles might be pushing it!

  3. Khushru Hassan
    December 5, 2017 at 2:16 am

    I don’t know why I get seduced so easily

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