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Man Law #8 – Call a Spade a Spade. Call a Flake a Flake.

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If she cancels on you because her Grandmother died for the third time (i.e. both of her Grandmothers died already and she ran out of excuses)…chances are shes just NOT that into you. As a general rule, if she starts flaking at the beginning, its not going to get any better. Women ALWAYS have time or will make time for a potential Don Juan…the exception is if she cancels and offers another time to go out, that is a good sign… But if she has a STRING of excuses why she can not go out with you, but gives you a SHRED of hope that she may be interested in you, write her off as a flake. She may start to like you eventually, but you can not get caught up with focusing your attention on a woman that has placed you on the waiting list. She may have other relationships going on that she is involved with, but the point is, she will make herself available if she wants to see you again… These guys have it down pretty good, Man Watch:

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