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Man Law #54 – Be The Mayor

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When you are in a social situation such as at a party, event, utilize the concept of being the Mayor. Being the Mayor means that you are meeting and greeting, introducing yourself to new people and introducing new sets of people to other sets of people.  You can think of this as if you are running for Mayor and you want people to vote for you.  The first thing you have to do is make sure people know who you are.

As soon as you step into the venue, "Be the Mayor" and work the room...Think of yourself like Social Glue that brings people together...

As soon as you step into the venue, "Be the Mayor" and work the room...Think of yourself like Social Glue that brings people together...

A Brazilian friend of mine is an excellent case study in “Being the Mayor“. As soon as he walks in the door, he smiles, either greets or introduces himself to the first person in the vicinity, shakes their hand if he feels necessary and moves on…By the time people realize that they don’t know him,  he’s moved to the next person.

This is a quick, in and out, introduction…DO NOT LINGER…You simply Make Eye contact, Smile, Greet/Introduce, and move on…

Naturally extroverted people have a distinct advantage in doing this, however, anyone can learn to strike up a conversation with a person whose views might differ STRONGLY from your own.  These acquaintances might not become your next best friend, but in the art of social networking, having the ability to talk to anyone, is a powerful characteristic to have…

In order to develop this “Mayor” characteristic, and reduce anxiety you may feel to meet strangers,  I suggest saying “HI” to everyone you meet…whether its the janitor in your building to the President of your company. This includes at times such as when you are at the grocery store, the gym,  walking down the hallway, say “Hello” to any and everyone.  Your goal here is to simply look up and notice people around you. At this point, it’s not necessary to continue the conversation or build rapport, simply greet the person, and move on. Through enough of these cold-approach experiences, talking to a beautiful woman will not be a problem… You may still experience a little bit of anxiety, however, this anxiety will not be debilitating and you will be able to carry on a relaxed, flirty and fun, conversation with any woman you are around…

  1. DJ Long
    October 6, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    I agree full-heartedly with the necessity to be able to command a room. This alludes back to the Man Law describing the need for walking with a swagger/inner confidence.
    In my line of work, I walk into unknown territory each time I travel, and having confidence and greeting people and looking them in the eye brings about immediate “trust” that when and what you say is “law.” Being friendly, is easy and truly takes minimal effort when practiced daily. And remember that “practice makes permanent.” And when you’re nice/cordigal to those around you, you’ll often get the support and supplies you need with little effort.

  2. So E.Z. a Caveman Could Do It
    November 13, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    Being a people person opens up new avenues and opportunities for you. Working the room may feel very uncomfortable to those who are shy. Natural introverts like myself feel that it takes too much energy to be extroverted, or that “smoozing” feels like we’re being fake.

    I’m learning more and more everyday that making connections with people is CRUCIAL to success in many aspects in life. Think about it. Getting into a club without having to wait in line or pay the cover; this will most likely happen if you know someone of power there, ie. a bartender, promoter, the bouncer, etc. You may not see these people often, but starting a relationship can be as easy as just saying hello, asking how their day has been, commenting on a sports game, asking for advice on what drinks are good. You’ve got to start somewhere, and there is no telling where just taking the initiative will take you.

    Networking is crucial in the game of business. You gain immensely valuable knowledge and contacts by putting yourself out there and meeting new people, who could end up becoming your business partners, advisors, customers, etc.

    Now, “Being the Mayor,” I think is sound advice. Polititians use all kinds of marketing strategies to further their campaigns to garner votes, but one thing that remains constant is being a people-person. Votes don’t magically appear out of no where. Polititians have to get their names out there and be recognized by potential voters, and EVERY vote matters. Every one of them matters because it is like a snowball effect. One votes turns to ten, seeing the popularity grow others join in and want to know more about this polititian, word of mouth is used, people google to find out information about this guy, good or bad press doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is the attention.

    Not everyone is funny, intelligent, good-looking, but all of us have the opportunity to show others that we can be decent human beings and that may be enough to get the ball rolling at least.

  1. November 15, 2010 at 11:20 pm

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