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All Glory Is Fleeting: An Exclusive Interview with 48 Laws of Power and The 50th Law Author, Robert Greene, Part I.

November 29, 2009 2 comments

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As a young boy growing up in Memphis,Tennessee in the 1920s, my Grandfather loved to tell us stories of how he would pick up dinner table chairs by one of the legs and march around the house shouting “POWER”. Perhaps its by no coincidence at all that in 2001 when I finally saw a book entitled “The 48 Laws of Power(click here for a quick review) sitting on the top shelf of a Barnes and Noble, that I thought back to my Grandfather’s story. Read more…

Man Law #65 – Stay Focused, Maintain “Grim Determination!”

November 27, 2009 4 comments

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Every plan fails once you engage the enemy.” – Sun Tzu

Or as Mike Tyson put it:

Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouf” – Mike Tyson

Athletes tend to be the ones that visibly display this focus, however, all individuals that have succeeded in the upper realms of their field no what it is to have this supreme confidence in the outcome.

You see the look on the faces of the greatest athletes of all time, the best businessmen and women, and people at the top of their field – a hyperawareness and focus, a look not of anger but one of supreme command over one’s self. A Mental Toughness.  The look of “grim determination.”

The ability to see task through is one that will allow you to master any and everything. Whether you are mastering an instrument, horseback riding, or just trying to make the fanciest drink at the bar, you have to enter a state that blast through any resistance in your way and quiets your subconscious mind of defeat and self-doubt.

Chances are, you have entered this state of mind. Whether you were studying for the SATs, GREs, a final exam that you had to pass or about to go out for an audition, submit a book proposal, or release a new song, you already know what it means to have this grim determination. It’s the underlying belief that “If I don’t get this done, nobody is going to do it for me.” It’s a sense that you need to control your emotions from becoming overly happy or overly sad. That you will survive whatever obstacles come in your way.

I keep the following speech given by Al Pachino in A Whole Nine Yards. It might be the greatest inspirational speech ever given to those who need to stay focused. I have it bookmarked on my computer:

Despite the fact that this is a movie about football, the speech can be applied to anything you hope to accomplish whether its lifting a weight, sticking with a diet, getting into grad school, or simply resisting the need to go out when you know you have to get something done.

Rickson Gracie, arguably the BEST practitioner of Brazilian JiuJitsu has the look of "grim determination." Even after winning the fight, he remains calm in seeing the outcome through to the end.

I like to think of myself as an “Optimistic Realist”. I hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It’s this type of mental toughness that will pull you through tough times.

How far are you willing to fight and die for that inch?

Man Theory – The Dating Paradigm Shift, Taking The Red Pill

November 23, 2009 1 comment

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Not the process of “dating” or going out on a “date“,  I’m referring to the word date” and having to label things in order for them to exist for some people.

Han Solo never dated Leia; Indiana Jones never dated Dr. Elsa Schneider; Neo never dated Trinity; and James Bond definitely did not date Pussy Galore. How did all of these men manage to attract these beautiful women while simultaneously saving the world? Most of these women mentioned were not stereotypical damsels in distress by any means. They were political leaders, doctors, accomplished hackers, and…well…we don’t really know what profession “Pussy” was supposed to be in the movie but for the most part these women could take care of themselves!

The word “dating” causes a lot of interpretation problems.  If you see someone more than twice and it is not clear whether you have a romantic interest in them, are the two of you “dating”? At a close second come other words such as seduction, courtship, and pursuit.  None of them accurately describe what is happening. These words build up perceptions in our own minds and the minds of others.  When it comes to the English language, we are seriously lacking words in the whole relationship department.

Hearing James Bond say "Sorry honey, I just don't do this on a first date." just doesn't sound right...

It turns out to be a necessary evil and one that I have not been able to solve throughout the course of writing this blog. What name can you give a pseudo-opportunity for a relationship that you hope to become sexual? To say that your pursuit of another is entirely altruistic is naive at best. You are not hoping to add another friend to your list. You are seducing, courting, and finally pursuing a woman that you find appealing.  For most men, the goal of dating is to fulfill a “physical” need.  Along with that physical requirement for many men is an emotional connection with the woman which typically comes far,far behind and might not even be a factor with some.

To get away from the black and white, formal approach to a date, take it one step further.  Think of yourself as somewhat of an action hero who has been sent to save thy woman from a harsh environment.  WWJBD – What Would James Bond Do?  After all, he was arguably the biggest ladies man in the theaters for almost half a century and how many dates did you see 007 going on? Answer: Not Many. (Editorial Note: For those of you who may have forgotten, a rather nice English gentleman went through the effort of compiling a list of Bond Women. You can view this formidable list here: James Bond didn’t have time to date in the traditional sense and neither does the modern man. He would make the most of the situation he had while he knew he had it.  If James Bond had 15 minutes to live and he was “trapped” with a woman who just happened to be there, you can best be sure he was running some sick game on her.


Take the Red Pill. Create your own reality.

It’s my belief that part of the allure that James Bond and Indiana Jones had on these women in the movies was that in every case they met through fate of circumstance. There was a “reason” why they were forced into “compromising” situations. Neither of these men approached the woman in the traditional sense. For one reason or another, they needed each other for survival.  These women were thrown into the mix with the hero and during that time they realized they were furiously attracted to the man that in most instances they viewed with hostility at first.

Forget the typical constraints of what society says you should do to “court” a woman with flowers, a nice dinner, and a movie.  These might have worked on our parents at a point where what was socially acceptable for women to engage in with a man she was not married to was much more conservative but for the most part, they are a remnant of the past.

To Date or Not To Date. That is the question.

And one in which I’d love to hear what everyone thinks on the subject.  For the busy man or woman working 40+ hours a week or involved with a packed full-time schedule in college, how do you “date” in the 21st century? Post your thoughts below.

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