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Man Law #53 – Make the Executive Decision

October 1, 2009 1 comment

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Make the Decision, Stand By It, and Move On. Waiting will do NOTHING for you except make you nervous and cause missed opportunities.

Make the Decision, Stand By It, and Move On. Waiting will do NOTHING for you except make you nervous and cause missed opportunities.

Few things are more important for a man to be able to do than to make a decision, go forward, and stick with it.  There will never be a RIGHT time.  All you can do is make the best decision you can make with the information and resources you have available at the time of the decision.  I’ve observed that what has worked best for me is to gather the facts, if outside advice might be needed, speak to the cabinet members (See Man Law #52 – Maintain a Cabinet, weigh both the pros and cons, decide to take action, and make a quick and deliberate decision. I have no problem re-calibrating the decision after I make it if I notice that I need to adjust slightly to the left or to the right.   The important part is simply MAKING the Decision.  Waiting and Idleness, I have found can be detrimental and cause too many missed opportunities. Not only for what you are deciding on, but the other situations that are constantly occurring that require a decision to be made.  It’s been my experience that waiting indefinitely can turn into a self-prophecy of failure.  It’s better to make a decision and be wrong than to never make the decision.

When approaching someone new at a venue, what works best for me is to NOT think about what you are going to say or what to do…In fact, clear your mind of all negative thoughts of self-doubt.  The more I sit, wait, overly-analyze the situation, the more likely it will be for me to simply freeze and do nothing. Nerves will get the best of me.

Part of the reason why I use Kennedy as an example is specifically for his actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis. If you have not had a chance to see the movie, Thirteen Days, you should. Kennedy was faced with a decision that would ultimately affect every person in the United States.  He had little time to decide, and had a variety of different competing interest that he was presented with…This movie shows multiple perspectives during this turbulent time in American History…

It’s a good idea here to PICK someone whose decisions you respect and talk with them on how they make them.  Emulate there decision making style and the process they go through until you have it under your belt. It might not be surprising to learn that they don’t know how they come to the decisions that they do as it is done by instinct and by their unconscious. After you really master something, the decision making process WILL become much quicker.  You’ll know when to shoot versus when to pass… You won’t always score, but the more experience you have, the more often you will be on the winning side.   Your sensitivity will be raised and you will be more aware of when to act, how to act, and how to come out on top over and over.  Be sure to avoid “Paralysis through Analysis”.  For some more information on the decision- making process, be sure to check out this blog-post on Being Decisive. It’s very well-written and thorough.

By being a DECISIVE man, you will do better with women, have better success and have happier relationships. This does not mean deciding FOR her, it does mean taking her opinions into account and presenting a decision that will make both of you satisfied…

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