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Man Law #59 – Never Slavishly Follow Accepted Wisdom!

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If there is one thing that the Unbreakable Man Laws hopes to instill, it’s the ability to think independently and critically of a situation.  Find your own solutions. Read many different viewpoints even ones you disagree with.  It’s important to always question the establishment and remember to understand the basis behind the decision rather than accepting it merely as “law” (pun intended).  The reason behind this is it is often when we challenge our previously held belief system that we go through the most growth.

Business People #44

"Buy Me Flowers Dummy!"

Someone once told me a great story illustrating this point while I was standing in line at GNC purchasing Whey Protein.  I do not have the slightest idea how we started talking about this topic in a Health Supplements store, but the gentlemen told me the following:

A family meeting for Thanksgiving Dinner is preparing the Turkey for that night. The mother, Ann, is having her kids, Barbara and John, help her with cooking the dish. Before placing the Turkey in the stove, the kids are told to cut off the top half of the turkey.

Both Barbara and John grow up and have kids and tell them the same thing.

“Mary, you have to cut the top half of the Turkey off before placing it in the stove.”

At one Thanksgiving, Ann, who is now a Grandmother,  is helping with cooking dinner, and sees Mary cutting the top half off the turkey  and she ask the child “What are you doing?”

Mary replies, “I’m cutting the top half off the Turkey! Just like Mom said!”

Ann turns to Mary’s mother, Barbara, also standing in the kitchen, “Honey, when I told you to cut the top half off the Turkey, it was because when we bought the house, our stove wasn’t big enough to fit the whole thing in it!”

When I went through college, I was only beginning to realize how the difference in upbringings and how so many people from so many different backgrounds could contribute to a situation in their own unique way.  We gained strength in our difference of opinions.  It forced us to understand one another rather than accepting what our parents, or even Grandparents might have taught us about others.  If you are a Democrat, ask a Republican what they think of a situation; If you like Rock, ask someone who likes Rap what they think of a song; If you are a Yankees Fan, continue to dislike the Red Sox (nothing good can come of that partnership).

Question everything!

Questioning the established way of doing things is different from rebelling against the established way.  Perhaps there is a solid reason why we look both ways before crossing the street. Don’t just jay-walk because you can…


"Thoroughly Think It Through!"

Even more important than the answer to the question is the process you go through to discover it. Many individuals including myself have forgotten what it is like to REALLY do research. In the pre-google era, researching topics could take hours using the library’s card catalog system.  When you went to the library to do research, you spent hours finding books and gathering articles. Nowadays, if we have to search longer than five minutes on a single subject, we declare the topic unanswerable.

Don’t give up so easily.

The process to finding the answer is more important than the answer itself. The persistence and strength you gain through your search for the truth, will pay off in the long run in all things – whether it is relationships, money, or your career.

With that said:

  • The World Really IS Flat…
  • The Moon really IS made out of cheese.
  • British people really DO have bad teeth…
  • Africa really IS a country.
  • Women Really DO want you to tell them how you feel…

Good luck! This is Ethan Bishop. Over and out.

  1. DJ Long
    November 20, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    I donlike the “disclaimer” effect of this law. Because everyoen should formulate and formalize their own thoughts and ideas about life. However, being able to tap into the guidance and wisdom of those who’ve gone through, on, in, out or by similar instances does give a starting point. Also, it can be used as reference or a bench mark. Similar to most of the world’s religions, they were put into action by someone long ago who experienced life and felt they should give some guidelines for posterity to be a safe starting point. And we must remember that as life and times progress not all of the “old lessons” will work with the “new situations.”

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