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Man Law #69 – There is Only One Direction – FORWARD!

January 11, 2010 7 comments

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A few years ago back in college, I fell into the worse rut of my life. I was 21, I had enough credits to be a junior but had not completed any courses in my major. I was crushed from a life of partying,  one-night stands that I tried turning into long-term one-night stands, and one failed relationship after another.  I went from going to the gym 4-5 times a week to 4-5 times a month if that.  I stayed in bed all day because I was too hung over to walk to class.  Things were going downhill and fast. There’s a word for this that I wouldn’t learn until a few years later – depression.

Definitely NOT made in America. Gotta Love those Ukranians. Look at this camera man over here on the ground. I bet these girls are like "Is this guy serious?"

After two semesters of this life style, I decided to take a semester off and “recalibrate”. I knew I would finish school but I needed to get refocused and figure out where my life was going.  I moved back home after living parent-free for 4 years which just about killed my social life but at the time it was the best thing for me. I went through a slew of books, music, speeches, and anything I could find to get out of this ditch I found myself in.  I had always been a good student so the question I started asking was “What happened?“. Read more…

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