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ANNOUNCING: UNC 2010 – The UML Social Experiment

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment

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This is Bishop.

You’ve read the blog, you know the mission.

Over the past year, you’ve allowed me to provide you with a unique opportunity to discuss our differences.

We choose to discuss these differences not because they are easy.

But because they are HARD.

Look around you. Take a good look at the men and women that comment next to you. Remember their names and faces for these are the same groups of people who sit next to you on the train to work and in the car in front of you.  They walk, eat, and breath just like you. Yet they all think and feel differently.

And this is a good thing.

The world would be a boring place if we all thought and looked alike.
The time is now. You’ve argued and debated online, and you’ve asked for more…

You’ve friended each other, poked and prodded…

And asked for more…

On November 20th, in our Nation’s Capital of Washington DC, the Hudson Restaurant and Lounge will be hosting the inaugural





Here you will get a chance to meet all of those assholes and sons of bitches you’ve come to love and hate, in person.

Trinie Le Blanc

Pete Waters


Michael “Leonidas”Childress

We will ALL be there.  And we want to meet you.

Alright, I’ve talked long enough. It’s time for YOU to do the talking.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you wonderful sons of bitches.

Anytime, Anyplace.

Click here to RSVP.

” Keep a memory of me, not as a king or a hero; but as a man: fallible and flawed.” – Beowulf

The Code of Bishop – 7 Rules of Debate

November 10, 2010 1 comment

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Last Updated: 11.10.2010

For those of you who partake in the raging and randy discussions that take place on The Unbreakable Man Laws Facebook Fan Page here are the Code of Bishop – Rules of Debate effective immediately. Enjoy! 🙂

[Unofficial] Rule 0 – STFU. And Laugh. – The Unbreakable Man Laws is for Entertainment purposes only. While most of the blog posts are based on real observations and real personal experience, the blog is meant to be enjoyed like good pizza and sex.

Rule #1. The First Rule of The Unbreakable Man Laws isTalk about The Unbreakable Man Laws.” – This one is simple enough. Whether you agree with the post/articles, or any of the content of the blog, what you will find is that discussing with friends, girlfriends, and even your family, there are a variety of different views that people have towards certain social situations that many people assume everyone shares. You may be surprised what you learn about people once you talk to them about the Man Laws.

Rule #2. Attack the issue, Spare the messenger. – Although we’ve all been told that “There is no such thing as a stupid question!” we seem to forget that as soon as its posted on the internet. The questions submitted to: are from the audience and more than likely they are reading each and every one of those responses. An obvious answer to you may not be so obvious to someone who has 20 more years of relationship experience. Think about that one.

Rule #3. Never use a sentence, when a paragraph will do! – The people of the group want to hear what you think (i.e. almost 95% of the time and will let you know the other 5%). If you AGREE with a statement, follow it up with a sentence or more. Sure, you might oppose the death penalty but why? Yes, you may think that a woman who gives you an e-mail address instead of a phone number is not interested, but why? This Rule is primarily geared towards the guys in the group. Save the one word answers for when you are watching the fight on pay per view.

Rule #4 – Bickering, Quarreling and Wrangling is ENCOURAGED as long as you do so respectfully, humorously, and with intelligence. The worst thing to happen in any relationship is when one or more members becomes apathetic. For this reason, when it comes to questions that are asked to the audience we encourage you to stand up for your opinion and state your case. Respect the other members in the group and don’t throw insults as to their stupidity just because you happen to not agree with them.

Rule #5. Passionate Reason always trumps Emotional Irrationalism. Use the former! This rule simply put means there is a difference between a response that is calm and rational and one that comes across as a whiny complaint. Specifically, think about the difference between a speech given by William Wallace in Braveheart and one given by a whiny 14 year old teenage girl whose parents won’t let her stay out past midnight. This isn’t just a rule you use here on Facebook, use this in every aspect of your life. Chances are that at some point a question, quote, or blog post that you read on UML will strike a chord in you that will immediately set you off. Maybe it hits too close to home and makes you uncomfortably aware of your personal situation. Take a step back before you answer if this is the case and read Rule #6.

Rule #6. There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t be afraid to say something others might not agree with, who knows, you may even start a blog some day! Although, if you start sounding less like a person and more like a Public Service Announcement,  we may have to cut you off or nominate you for a ROMP Award (see below).

Rule 7. Laugh. If you need more of a description for this,  we recommend heading over to Oprah, and STAYING there.

Submit YOUR debate questions to:

ROMP Awards – If a commenter completely ruins the mood of the discussion, state “I nominate <him/her> for a ROMP Award.” R.O.M.P stands for “Rain On My Parade” as in “Don’t do it.” There’s a time and place for absolute seriousness, usually that place is not here in Man Law.

RANDY Awards – Introducing RANDY Awards: We encourage people to LIKE individual comment post and starting today you can nominate a person for a RANDY Award. A commenter can be nominated for a RANDY Award if the comment gets the juices flowing and keeps the movement of the conversation in the right direction (whether the blood rushes north or south is another question). So make it RANDY. We LIKE these types!

Moderators reserve the right to remove any comments that are deemed offensive or contain lewd language directed at another person (or sex). Debaters should also be aware that if they find a comment offensive, they can simply “Report” that individual.

Commenters: We need your help of enforcement similar to a citizen’s arrest. If someone violates the Code of Bishop, simply shoot them this link ( and say “Refer to the COB, Jackass.”

Editorial Note: Rules Subject to Change on an as needed basis.

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