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How To Conduct A Social Experiment (The UML Method)

November 17, 2010 5 comments

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by Ethan Bishop.

I. Choose the subjects that will be a part of the study.

  • The Readers of The Unbreakable Man Laws (UML) blog
  • The UML Guest Bloggers and people behind “The Unbreakable Man Laws” including Trinie Le Blanc, Pete Waters, Michael “Leonidas” Childress, and V.
  • Local and Out-Of-Town Dating Bloggers
  • Local Dating/Relationship Coaches and Experts
  • DC’s Finest Men and Women

II. Divide subjects into two groups by sex.

III. Determine the time frame for which the Social Experiment will be conducted.

IV. Administer the Experiment and Deliver the Rules of Engagement for the Evening.

  1. Take the Short Personality Test, and find your F-Score before the night of the event.  Feel free to post your results below in the comments section. (Editorial Note: This has absolutely nothing to do with the experiment but are fun to take and people might ask your score! Less than 5 minutes)
  2. The first 100 Ladies will be asked to find Trinie Le Blanc and she will hand you a unique card and explain YOUR rules to the experiment.
  3. The first 100 Men will be asked to find Ethan Bishop and he will give you a unique card and explain the GUYS rules to the experiment.
  4. ENGAGE.

    This is one way.

  5. Hold on to your card after the event until you see the RESULTS of the experiment (See Below).

V. Interpret and Publish the Results of the Experiment

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