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Red Flags From Last Night: Red Flags Candidate Evaluation Form

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Confused as to whether or not you like the guy you went on a date with last night? Have you been dating the same guy for a few weeks and can’t figure out if you like him or not?  First read the post “Red Flags From Last Night” for explanations of the form below then download the “Red Flags Candidate Evaluation Form” in PDF Format (Note: You will need Adobe Reader ) Scores of 20 or higher MUST be submitted to the original post, Red Flags From Last Night.

  1. Elle
    October 16, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    I may weigh the pros and cons if he has something special going on. For example if the guy makes me laugh and mentions his ex one time I may let the ex slip go. Or if I’m really attracted to him, he has a cool job and he made me laugh but he stares at chest, wears sneakers, and doesn’t listen I may go out with him again. I’m just thinking of this one guy I went out with for a few months who is walking red flag. In fact, I could honestly check off the entire sheet (less fake n bake tan) based on our first date! But there was just something about him. I believe in the power of the checklist because maybe if I had this checklist I may have saved myself some serious headache.

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